Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A North Indian Conspiracy

Feckless, asinine Bihari leaders have now taken to insisting that the Bihari madman who had taken a bus hostage in Mumbai was actually a martyr, and his death was a planned conspiracy by the Maharashtra government. Let's turn this conspiracy theory around a bit. Given the extremely heinous, cheap, low-level and despicable politics that is pervasive across the board in Bihar politics, it does not take much imagination to fully comprehend the level to which these politicans can stoop. I mean, it takes a genius to gobble up money in an animal fodder scheme, doesn't it? I would've been ordinarily corrupt by world standards, and tried to make money off stocks, insider trading, dubious land grabs, dubious real estate, shady bank dealings, exploiting holes in oversight committees. But, animal fodder - wow! That takes an all new sort of twisted genius. Yeah, and these mad power-hungry politicians in Bihar could be decorated with the most prestigious appellations, if one were to hand out a medal every time a novel corruption scheme was unveiled. Doesn't it take a special kind of anti-"national" to support SIMI, a known hotbed for breeding the new generation of Islamic terrorists? How much further till these guys vote to mainstream Indian Mujahideen as a political party, and give them special status since they represent the interests of an increasingly shrinking religious minority (11% of Indian population, by the way)? So given these bucolic super-geniuses who have made their careers out of exploiting the chinks in social fabric on the basis of caste, creed, religion and race, who is to second-guess the extent of their evilness?

So, just as our esteemed Bihari leaders are busy tossing out conspiracy theories by the dozen to discredit Maharashtra, Maharashtrians, Marathi, and governance in Maharashtra, let's toss in a few conspiracy theory of our own, just to get a level playing field.

Rahul Raj was equipped by Abu Azmi and was provoked into taking a bus hostage. I mean Azmi, by his continued support of SIMI has been covertly equipping terrorists with bombs meant to kill hundreds - what is a single country-made pistol for him? Peanuts. Furthermore, he was driven into a crazed state by brainwashing him about attempting to kill Raj Thackeray. Why else would a "guy who would not swat a fly" tote a gun in broad daylight? He was ordered to wreak mayhem by taking a bus hostage and destabilize Maharashtra government's rule by his acts. The ultimate aim of this northern block is to impose President's rule in Maharashtra, so that they can get their own hired goons from Bihar to patrol our Marathi cities. By continually destabilizing Maharashtra, this can be easily achieved. Who is to say that Rahul Raj was not used like a tool by RJD, SP or what the shit-ever these Bihari parties call themselves, and then discarded like a cheap whore?

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