Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sinful lies in Hindustan Times

Bihari claims his taxi was broken because it had Om Namah Shivay written in Hindi on it

Oh, this is rich. How the hell do you write Om Nama Shivay in Hindi? Well duh, you don't. Because the script is Devanagari, for both Marathi and Hindi. How the hell would people realize it was written in Hindi? I think this little bit of detail got left out in Hindustan Times Patna reporters cleverly crafted "news" item. Hey, even I can go dressed in tattered clothes to my favourite Marathi reporter and claimed that my belongings were pillaged by Bihari agitators in Patna. At least that would be believable, it happens every other day (or was it hour).

Disgusting journalism = shameless propagation of unverified truths without any responsibility towards its implication on communal tensions and communal pride. Well played, Hindustan Times, well played.

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  1. You are just angry at the moment. Cool down. Hindustan times is a better paper. It is certianly better than papers like Samna where Bal Thackeray has been vomitting poision of all variety based on season.

    The fact is that there has been an orchestrated hate compaign agianst poor migrants in Mumbai. You can not deny it. I have personally seen auto driver kicked by unknown people in my locality. And in Times of India there was a report about many marathi students in some schools indulging into names dropping (showing thier links to MNS) when caught on other side of discipline. It was bound to happen.