Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let's first kill these terrorists

Terrorists are not humans. They are not animals. They are worse than the scum of the scums, in fact they don't even deserve a gender. A big "fuck-you" to all these "anti-human rights violations organizations" who want to bare their breasts and offer these reprehensible cowards their teat. Suckle these agents of evil on your own time, just don't do it on our planet. Mollycoddling terrorists under the guise of "humane" treatment is just asinine. I understand there is a fine line between a terrorist and a person with a genuine cause who protests in a violent fashion. But what human kills 5 year olds? What human goes to a crowded railway station and "sprays" bullets? Nuh-uh. Not human. Not homo sapiens. In a survival of the fittest world, it's time we take note of this weed that strangles the healthy plants in our greenhouse. It is time to use some serious weedicide, and ensure that the interests of homo sapiens are protected. Let us come together, lay aside our differences and root out these inhomo alqaedensis or inhomo talibanensis out from the face of the earth.

However, before we begin this pest-elimination, there are a few home-grown roaches that need to be taken care of. If I were as magnanimous and resourceful as Kishore Samarite, I would have declared bounties. But, it will give me immense internal pleasure and satisfaction, if somewhere were to behead these creatures and use their skulls as chamber pots. So, here goes:

Terrorist 1: Mulayam Singh Yadav
This pile of smelly cat faeces masquerades as a white-clad human. When the worms in the shit start squirming, this excrement opens its mouth and babbles in fluent moronics. Divisive and caste/religion-based moronics are its speciality. It's most famous agenda is wooing Muslim minorities. Yeah, the 11% of the second most populous nation in the world, which is a minority. Apparently, the way this turd thinks that Muslims can be uplifted is by granting them special privileges and reservations. In this reeking heap of filth's opinion, a great way to uplift Muslims is by including them in the same class as "backward" classes in Hindu society, and then treat them with the same broad brush. Wow. What a notion of progress - make them backward and give them free jobs, they will become suddenly advanced. Duh, didn't the amoeba in your brain tell you that granting reservations is a sure way to keep propagating the divisive and anti-integration agenda in the society? Does a upper-caste meritorious person whose job is displaced by a less meritorious person just because he is a backward Muslim feel happy and positive towards the Muslim community?

Hey, but the little shits can't be expected to really think. It can be expected to expresses its solidarity with SIMI. SIMI is of course the known hot-bed of these ghouls perpetrating their brand of intolerant Islam. It opposes creation of a FBI like agency in India to tackle intelligence at a comprehensive level, because it thinks that its power at the state-level will be weakened. Wow. The only reason these sons of syphilitic whores don't want a FBI like agency is because then their brazen deeds in their own states will no longer be untraceable. They won't be able to puppet the state machinery into hiding their crimes. What else can a reason to oppose a nationwide intelligence and security agency be? Do they think their little pockets of terrorism farms in interior UP will be jeopardized? I bet they are scared that their huge election funds from Islamabad, Kabul and Riyadh will be cut off if they allow leeway to a security agency with actual power.

People of U.P., please wake up. Next time you go to attend this shit's rally, instead of accepting Rs.100 notes, or promises for 5 sarees, please just pelt this creature to its much-deserved death. It has NO INTEREST in your well-being. It just wants to use you for its personal gains and ugly politics. This piece of excrement is India's Terrorist#1.

To come:
Terrorist #2: Amar Singh: the scabbous sores on a leper's behind.
Terrorist #3: Abu Azmi: The SIMI agent, and king of tapeworms.
Terrorsit #4: Lalu Prasad Yadav: White fungus growing on a scabies mite.

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