Saturday, December 20, 2008

Excellent article

This is an excellent article by Natteri Adigal. I don't know who he is, but the article is very nice.

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Some excerpts:

MNS pressed ambulances and organised blood donation camps during the siege by terrorists. Its leaders refrained from 'disaster tourism', unlike ‘nationalistic’ heroes. Also, MNS faces harassment in courts of remote small towns in the Hindi belt..

The way the suicide squads hijacked vehicles, including a police jeep, in their mission was a chilling replay of a handsome brat from Patna pointing his gun at passersby from a BEST bus a month ago. It turned out that he was a freshly passed X-ray technician, forced to become a sort of refugee due to lack of openings near home. But, there was no reason to take for granted that he was a typical ‘harmless’ North Indian youth with a ‘patriotic’ mindset. Only after shooting him down, did it become known that like many of his ilk, he was mad at perceived enemies in well-off states. The political masters of the Hindi belt, who are responsible for such youth turning into mindless thugs by bleeding people white, slammed the Maharashtra police. The cops were accused of abetting Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) and its chief Raj Thackeray and ‘murdering the Patna youth’.

However, just as Mumbai was burning, lesser worthies from the belt, peddling their own brands of nationalism’, joined in with their own assault. Demanding protection to locals from unrestrained influx of white-collar labourers, jeopardising their opportunities is dubbed as parochialism by these rabid ’Rashtriyawadis’ (nationalists). Centuries-old linguistic and social ’asmita’ (pride and belonging) by various ethnic identities is trashed. Hostile political activities by these leaders descending frequently on Mumbai, alienates settlers to locals instead of ironing out conflicts. It is because they perpetuate a distinct identity for the settlers, with a view to create vote banks. Also, there are vested interests in various regions, which stand to benefit by unfair imposition of values and language of one section over others. The apologists of the ’national’ establishment stoke the fire by instigating settlers to fight against preference to locals, what MNS fights for.

According to the ‘intellectual’ instigators, Maharashtra has a very long coastline vulnerable hostile sea based penetration and assaults. But, the military of India is largely composed of "men of original Hindi states such as UP and Bihar and Rajasthan, followed by the likes of Punjab and Haryana!" Even if the relevance of the point is not questioned, Maharashtrians do constitute seven per cent of the Indian armed forces.

The vitriol went on: "The Hindustan military with IAF and NSG commandos" had to be called in to save Mumbai and Wing Commander Sharma had to rescue the hostages. But, "Thackeray and the Marathi Manoos" went missing; Maharashtrians would be "singing the national anthem of Waziristan or Pakistan" had if it was not flying "Maurya Chakra and Hindustan flag as part of Bharat!." The inference was that the ‘Mauryans’ (led by Lalu Prasad and Rabri?) must be allowed to flood the state without any regulation!

Bhojpuri actors Bipin Bihari and Manoj Mishra Mihir, meantime, mounted a campaign titled "Raj Thackeray Ka Ilaaj: Let’s Fight Back". Supporters of the jokers were urged to lodge an FIR against Raj Thackeray in different courts. The second-named ’leader’ filed one at Gorakhpur to ‘lead’ them!

Despite such ’nationalistic’ harassment, MNS had organised blood donation camps in Mumbai. It had pressed ambulances running around city and more than 500 of its members donated blood for injured victims. Of course, they refrained from ’disaster tourism’ undertaken by the likes of Manmohan Singh, Advani or Ram Gopal Verma! But, it was ’disconcerting’ for some patriots to observe that Raj Thackeray ‘had gone missing’. Others were shouting “Where is Marathi Manoos, Raj Thackeray and his bunch of goons?”

It must be admitted that while Raj Thackeray may be just another Indian politician – known more for amassing wealth than serving the community – MNS does appear to be the least harmful outfit for the constituency it serves. Raj Thackeray is far better than the estranged loyalist of the Nehru dynasty, Amitabh Bachchan, who exposed himself as another one of the questionable petty politicians of India, ready to stoop to any low. The crorepati actor had fraudulently become a ‘farmer’ to grab land. And, he now has for his buddy the worst wheeler dealer of India.

Preference to locals in opportunities is a legitimate concept, recognised all over the world. Every state of India, from Orissa to Tamil Nadu, implements it because it makes sense economically and sociologically. MNS is only demanding effective implementation, so that only the categories of migrants to mutually benefit are encouraged to come in. Even though it may irk white collar clerical labour, regulation will be good even for productive skilled labour. Migrants needed by the community and those already resident legitimately would welcome regulation in their own interest. The ’Rashtriyawadis’ are only robbing all empathy that such migrants enjoy in local communities. Fanatical advocacy of a free-for-all in migration in the name of ‘unity of the country’ will not have takers in any state.


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